Intro to Crosspicking for Rhythm Guitar

Crosspicking for Rhythm: 

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In this lesson we’ll begin the dive into implementing crosspicking in our rhythm guitar playing.We’ll draw from the rhythm guitar playing of Tony and Wyatt Rice to create a crosspicking pattern for rhythm guitar. This pattern will turn into an exercise that we then run through a pretty simple bluegrass chord progressions. In this chord progression I will be using numbers to name chords so if that’s something new to you, please go back and watch the video on the “Nashville” Number System to get a better idea of why and how.

Also if you’ve never heard of crosspicking I’ll give you a brief description in the video. It’s really nothing incredibly mind blowing in terms of theory, in fact, it’s really just a technique. 

In addition to this crosspicking pattern, I’ll give you some ideas on how to give it a “bouncy feel.” Two techniques will include incorporating a “swing” feel as well as utilizing dynamics.

Last, I’ll show you real world examples of how you can use this crosspicking pattern in your rhythm guitar playing to fill out a vocal arrangement, in a way that supports the vocals and serves the song.

Topics include: crosspicking, rhythm guitar, Tony Rice, Wyatt Rice, Doc Watson, George Shuffler, straight 8th notes, swung 8th notes, alternate picking, dynamics, vocal arrangement, nine pound hammer, blue ridge cabin home, 


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