"Alex Graf has drive, great tone, ability as a composer, and facility in a wide range of styles. Fans of Bela Fleck will find much to enjoy here." -Patrick Ragains, Minor 7th, June 2023

"Listening to Graf play guitar makes you wonder what Charlie Parker would have done with a Martin D18 instead of a tenor saxophone. Thankfully, Alex is starting to leave a trail of recorded snapshots for the world to follow, contributing a rich, playful and highly virtuosic answer to such a question."- Stephen Sellers, The Durango Telegraph, April 2023

 "That solo debut is “Sagebrush Continuum,” an effort that is an acoustic music lover’s delight, a frenzy of folk and roots music along with high energy, fierce picking that lands somewhere between bluegrass and acoustic jazz." -Bryant Liggett, The Durango Herald, April 2023

"Graf is an excellent guitarist and on this debut project he shows how these varied influences come out in his music, on both his originals and some well-known bluegrass favorites." -Bill Foster, Bluegrass Unlimited, May 2023

"Alex is a guitarist and a very good one , he has something of Tony Rice in the intensity of his expression, and something of Wyslouch in his bold off-tonal runs." -Michal Hromicik, BGCZ, April 2023