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Long Story Short. You Get:

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The Longer Version:

My name is Alex Graf and I’m a bluegrass + jazz musician based in Durango, Colorado. My passion is all things bluegrass and acoustic music and I also love teaching it. I’ve been playing guitar for 18 years and have so much to share with you based on that journey. I have a background in jazz that I bring to my bluegrass playing without getting too music-theoried out. I love both jazz and bluegrass because they are both originally folk art forms that were passed down by aural tradition.

The “Acoustic Club” is geared towards acoustic guitarists who are ready to up their game and improve on their instrument. I’ve condensed my 18 years of learning into a no-fluff series of video lessons to share with you. My teaching style is straightforward; I don’t like to over-complicate things. Each lesson is oriented towards maximizing your progress and I think it’s my duty and responsibility to give you the highest level of video education I can possibly offer, each and every time.

Lessons are typically related to one of three topics: rhythm guitar, improvising and fiddle tunes/bluegrass repertoire. Within each one of these categories there are certainly sub-categories and other threads I’ll follow. Additionally, I’ll be going off on some special topics every once and a while. 

Additionally I’ll provide downloadable TAB for my arrangements of commonly played fiddle tunes.

Last, the whole point of this thing is to keep it as affordable as possible and so at only $15/month I really can’t imagine a more cost-effective way to learn the things I’m going to be sharing with you. 

So if you’re ready to become a better guitar player, join Alex's Acoustic Club.





  1. Do I get access to all previous videos and TAB?
    1. Yes, all videos and TABs are archived on the subscriber page. As soon as you subscribe you’ll have instant access to all previous lessons in addition to the two monthly lessons.
  2. How long are the video lessons typically?
    1. Lessons are usually somewhere between 15 - 25 minutes. I try to keep the information at a digestible amount in each video, to give you enough to chew on but not throw every single thing at you at once. 
  3. What skill level are lessons aimed towards?
    1. In each lesson I try to present the information in the simplest way- whether that’s a technique or piece of theory. We build on this in each lesson so they will be relevant and useful to both beginners as well as more advanced players.


Want to see what one of the video lessons look like? Below is a free sample of the very first rhythm lesson posted to the Acoustic Club.