How To Play Fiddle Tunes: Salt Creek

Salt Creek Guitar Lesson

In this lesson we will go over my arrangement of the classic fiddle tune, Salt Creek. This tune gets called in bluegrass jams pretty regularly. Even if you already have a version of Salt Creek this lesson can be of use. In an era of incredible ease of information, sometimes it feels like we’re all learning these fiddle tunes from the exact same recording. In my arrangement, I discuss this concept and how fiddle tunes used to be a bit more regional or unique. My arrangement contains some ideas that will stand out as unique and perhaps be a little more memorable in the jam situation; in other words, if you learn my version you won’t be playing the exact same Tonry Rice version that every other guitar player at the jam. 

Other topics discussed in this lesson include, slides, hammer-ons, pull offs, alternate picking, right hand technique, dynamics, simplistic fiddle tunes, skeletal arrangements, working fiddle tunes up to speed, arranging techniques.


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