learn bluegrass guitar: Alex's Acoustic CLub

The no nonsense approach to learning bluegrass guitar. Rhythm, Repertoire, Improvising. This community will streamline your growth and progress.”

Bluegrass guitar is a language. 

The Acoustic Club is a learning platform and community for acoustic guitarists ready to take the leap and fully immerse themselves in the LANGUAGE of bluegrass guitar so they can…

 Gain fluency and play with confidence and joy at any jam, anywhere, anytime.

Teaching bluegrass guitar is my passion. Your improvement is my MISSION. 

You'll Get Access to:


  • A Private Community
    • Join like-minded bluegrass guitarists of all levels as we learn together, provide support, motivation and shortcuts!
  • Exclusive Video Courses
    • Over 500 minutes of Alex's pre-recorded instructional lessons focusing on
      1. Rhythm Guitar
      2. Technique
      3. Repertoire / Fiddle Tune Transcriptions (TAB included)
      4. Improvising
  • Live Q+A / Group Lesson Calls With Me
    • One monthly live call where you can ask me any questions about acoustic guitar and bluegrass and we can do a deep dive. This isn't a webinar where you can only watch, you're on the call with me on Zoom so we can talk in real time. 
    • If you can't make the call, it is recorded and posted on the platform. You may also pre-submit questions if you cannot attend.
  • Ear Immersion Monthly Playlists
    • Don't know where to start or what to listen to? I've got you covered. 
    • Monthly playlists compiled by myself and by members to help immerse your ear in the “bluegrass sound.”
  • Instant DM Access to Your Mentor, Alex
    • I have a lot of people on the internet reach out to me with questions about guitar. Unfortunately I can't be everywhere always. One place I am always accessible is here at the Acoustic Club. By joining the membership you get unlimited access to me with very fast reply time.
    • All questions posted in the community forum are answered ASAP.
    • Very often, I respond to a question with a video reply.
  • BONUS 
    • Unlock free 45 minute 1-on-1 lesson with Alex through participation in the community!