Rhythm Lesson I: Boom Chuck Basics

Boom Chuck Basics


What is the Boom-Chuck and why should I care about it?

In this lesson we’ll dive into one of the most foundational concepts in bluegrass rhythm guitar, the boom-chuck. Comprised of a bass note followed by a chord, this strumming pattern will lay the groundwork for modern bluegrass guitar playing. In this video I demonstrate basic principles of the boom-chuck, suggest ways to practice the pattern effectively, provide historical context and leave you with a lot to consider. With all decisions we make as musicians it’s really useful to contextualize. Why am I doing this? How am I serving the music and the song? Is it effective? Last, I cover the idea of groove as we anticipate the next step, how to get that “bouncy” and driving rhythm feel that so many modern bluegrass bands achieve. So much of this will rely on a rhythm guitar player’s fluency with the boom-chuck!


Other topics covered include, basic right hand technique, quarter notes, subdividing, metronome work, role of guitar in a bluegrass ensemble, alternate picking, doc watson, earl scruggs. 


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