How To Play Fiddle Tunes: Red Haired Boy

In this video lesson I’ll break down my arrangement of Red Haired Boy. Please use the Tab below to follow along if you’d like. This arrangement takes the idea that Red Haired Boy is an overplayed and boring fiddle tune and flips it on its head. I tried to maintain a really solid alternate picking flow on this version as a way to show you how that feeling of flow might work. There are almost no rests in this arrangement. This version also draws heavily from the David Grier arrangement and employs a lot of crosspicking.


Check out how Grier plays this tune:


If you’re not familiar with David’s guitar playing, I’d highly recommend checking out his albums, the albums he recorded with Matt Flinner and Todd Phillips as well as the album(s?) with Mike Compton. 


Happy picking and let me know what you think of this arrangement in the comments.

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