Salt Creek Jam Track

In this jam track let’s play the classic fiddle tune, Salt Creek, together. I’ll take the lead and we can trade breaks (solos) a few times. We’re going to play it around 120 bpm here but if you want it…

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Rhythm Lesson I: Boom Chuck Basics

Boom Chuck Basics


What is the Boom-Chuck and why should I care about it?

In this lesson we’ll dive into one of the most foundational concepts in bluegrass rhythm guitar, the boom-chuck. Comprised of a bass note followed by a…

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How To Play Fiddle Tunes: Salt Creek

Salt Creek Guitar Lesson

In this lesson we will go over my arrangement of the classic fiddle tune, Salt Creek. This tune gets called in bluegrass jams pretty regularly. Even if you already have a version of Salt Creek this…

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Rhythm Case Study: Salt Creek

Rhythm Guitar: Salt Creek Case Study (Tony + Wyatt Rice's Secret Techniques)

In this lesson we will build upon some of the foundations in rhythm guitar that we’ve been covering in previous video lessons. As we’ve already set up the…

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